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2008 Far Far Away: Romance, Anxiety and the Uncertainty of Place, Hokianga Art Gallery

Jugs, 2004, painted ceramic. Inside cover.

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Creation, 1987. Oil painting. p19

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0110-1102, pp38-41. MAG [5 images] p38 Hormone VII, 1998. Ink on paper; p39 Hormonal Dancing, 1998. Ink on paper; p40 A Vicarious Need, 1997. Painting; p40 Amphetamine Queen II, 1998. Painting; p41 Amphetamine Queen I, 1998. Painting.

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1973-1993', Wellington City Gallery, Auckland City Gallery () BK

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Goodman-Suter Bienalle, Nelson (Purchase Award), New Zealand. Cat

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Newspapers and Brochures (NZ)

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Video (NZ)

2000 Darcy Lange interview

1993 Approaches to Fear Shown Auckland City Gallery

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Film (NZ)

'Pleasures and Dangers' AKTV2


Survey Exhibition 1989 AKTV2