Interface Illusions

September 2 to October 8, 2000

New Hall, Cambridge University Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 ODF Tel: 01223 762 297

Interface Illusions has been curated as a mini-survey by taking up a theme that has existed throughout my work practice. This exhibition is about the use of dialogue as an extension to visual symbolism.

In the series of ink and acrylic drawings Systems Analysis of the Immaculate Conception 2000 surrealist disorder is combined with computer systems analysis to think out 'process designs' using large theoretical subjects.

This work throws up various conundrums, for instance, what is the concept of 'God' in terms of systems design. Is he an entity; an object in the real world that applies input, or a process as in "the Will of God?" If the Will of God engineers the process of the making of Eve from Adam's rib, what then of Lilith his first wife?

The photographic Sexual Warfare 1975 is a humorous and ironic comment on the fear of the Feminist Movement at that time. Sexual Warfare is a performance showing various symbolic ways a woman could murder a man: the cookery book representing intentional food poisoning, the innocent packet of sugar used to cause a petrol tank to explode. The text, laboriously printed with a child’s printing toy, expresses the desperation of the murderess caught up in domestic poverty.

Identity Crisis 1974 is an exploration of the gap between the complexity of an individual personality and the photographer’s role to define a set feminine persona, depending on the relationship to the model.

Alexis Hunter, London, August 2000

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